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Congratulations to our “Little L.A.M.B.” Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations to our “Little L.A.M.B.” scholarship recipients! The scholarship is designed for mini dancers that display an excelled form of artistic talent and ability. The award celebrates the ‘small but mighty’ performer that exceeds expectations in a big way! Will your dancer be the next Little L.A.M.B.?



Amaria is our 5 year old mini dancer that displays so much grace and poise when training! Having already performed her first solo at the age of 4 years old, Amaria’s kind spirit, steady focus (and awesome hair do’s) always keep her Recital Ready!



Chloe is our 6-year-old mini dancer that brings energy and enthusiasm to the stage! Always smiling (and throwing in a cartwheel or two), Chloe’s passion for dance certainly shows in class during her training. Keep up the good work Chloe! We look forward to seeing you hit the big stage again this year!

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